My NYU presentations on SlideShare

Last week, I spoke at a SalesSchool event at NYU in New York. Here are the slides I used during the 2 evenings. Both presentations start off the same, but then diverge as they focus on VC pitches and sales meetings. SalesCrunch will post video fragments of the evenings later on their site.

At the end of the presentation, I touch briefly on the challenges of presenting without eye contact. For more suggestions about presenting remotely and in webinars, see this post by Olivia Mitchell.


Jim said...


I don't suppose you have the audio to go with his. We've only got part of the audio visual experience. And the part we got was the supporting role, not the main actor.

This is my problem with SlideShare.

Jan Schultink said...

Yes SalesCrunch will post video and audio

Anonymous said...

I went through the first presentation. Looks very nice. Of course, without commentary the presentation is not complete. But having followed your blog I was able to fill in some of the blanks.
Titus Tielens

Jan Schultink said...

Hopefully audio/video will be available soon