Chart concept - stage curtains waiting to be opened

Although a bit cliche, I like using an image of a red stage curtain about to be opened. They give a sense of anticipation, look beautiful (nice warm colors, lots of detail), but at the same time focus all the attention on you, the speaker, since there is not that much to look at at the projector. I got the image below from iStockPhoto (referral program link), many other stock photography sites have many, many of them.


A Man Amongst Us said...

I've enjoyed browsing through your blog, and no doubt will use your tips in future presentations.

Dr. Jim Anderson said...

Jan: the curtain concept is a good one - much better then having everyone stare at your first slide as they get seated, etc. One other technique that I was reminded of awhile ago was to tell the software (PowerPoint) to display a black screen ("B" in slide show mode I believe). This or using back-on-black slides inside your presentation allow the audience to focus on what's really important - you!

- Dr. Jim Anderson
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