Goldmail - rich presentations in email

TechCrunch writes about Goldmail today: tool that allows you to create Flash animation of a media-rich presentation (including voice-over) that can be embedded easily in an email.
UPDATE: Please read the elaborate clarification by Tom Holownia, VP Marketing of GoldMail, in the comments.


Onno Benschop said...

As Venkat already states on the TechCrunch blog, this is a solution looking for a problem - and in my opinion, not a good solution either.

There are numerous problems with this solution, but to name three:

1. The data is now stored on a server that is not under your control. So if you use it to pitch to a VC, the data can be "borrowed" without your permission or knowledge.

2. It won't be long until we get emails that are several Gb in size that contain the sage text: "Here is the telephone number you asked for:..." - we see it today where embedded word-processed documents are abused to send a simple email.

3. You have no control over the expiry of the email. I have email going back a decade and I refer to it regularly. An "email" such as this is not under your control - as a recipient - let alone as a sender - so searching it, storing it and archiving it is problematic at best.


Jan Schultink said...

Correct Onno. The storing-in-the-cloud-issue will become bigger and bigger as we use more of it (not just for this type of application).

Tom Holownia, VP Marketing, GoldMail said...

My apologies for not responding to these posts sooner. I'll be more vigilant going forward.

I'll simply address each issue / concern raised below and invite the reader to contact me for further conversation if that would be of value.

Our customers would beg to differ. We solve very real problems for businesses, especially in the area of sales. Visit our site ( to read a few testimonials.

First, that would be unethical behavior and a quick way to put ourselves out of business forever ruining our individual and collective identity.
Second, to use the VC pitch example, it's actually MORE secure to do it in a GoldMail message vs. delivering it say, as an email attachment. Why? Your GoldMail message isn't actually in or attached to the email. The email simply contains a link to your message that when clicked on calls our Limelight CDN, which delivers your message content to the viewer's browser. Since the author of the GoldMail message can turn viewing of any message off or delete it entirely, the author maintains a level of control they otherwise don't have using email with attachments.

The email you send merely contains a link to your message, which is stored on our secure servers and delivered to the viewer via our CDN. So, it's irrelevant whether it's a 5-second, "Here's my phone number" GoldMail message or a 10-minute, 60-slide sales presentation, since what you send someone is simply a link to your GoldMail message. And we don't believe GoldMail messages will replace text-based email messages, the majority of which don't require "voice-over-visuals" in order to be clearly understood and compelling (like the phone number example used).

I think I've already explained above how the author actually maintains better control of their message since it's delivered as a link in an email. As for saving, archiving and searching, that does create a challenge since the message content isn't actually in the email. So, either the author can facilitate that with highly descriptive SUBJECT text and lead-in copy to the message link or the recipient can effect it with their foldering and tagging practices.

I hope this response has been of help in clearing up several misunderstandngs of what GoldMail is and how it works.

Jan Schultink said...

Thank you Tom for your elaborate clarification.