Flowgram - stitching web content together into a presentation

Ars Technica is featuring this review of Flowgram, a tool to create a sequence of web content (sites, Flickr photos, audio voice over) into one presentation-like format. Flowgram's founder has written a flowgram about - you guessed it - what is a flowgram here. This new tool seems particularly useful to develop presentation content that is loaded on a web page and designed for individual viewing. In a strange way, some of these web 2.0 presentation tools take some of the interactivity out of the internet and bring the online experience back to something that is called TV... Sit back and enjoy. UPDATE: Tony from Flowgram has a good point in the comments, Flowgram preserves the ability to click links during the presentation, so not that passive after all.


Tony Lopez (Team Flowgram) said...

Hi Jan,
You mention that web2.0 tools take the interactivity out of the web. That's true for many other tools, but Flowgram actually retains the interactivity of pages by retaining links, allowing you to play embedded videos, etc. It's one of the big differentiators of Flowgrams versus things like screencasts or Slideshare.net.

Jan Schultink said...

Thank you for the clarification Tony.